Provided mission-critical strategic communication services to deliver for USAID’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access program

Developed and implemented strategic communications and outreach plan to drive the agency and administration’s ambitions.

One of the Biden Administration’s first acts required the federal government to develop effective Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) policies and institutions to promote and advance opportunities for historically marginalized people. USAID appointed and staffed a Chief Diversity Officer in the Office of the Administrator to establish baseline data, develop institutional infrastructure, and support DEIA objectives with agency staff worldwide.

It became immediately clear that the DEIA enterprise required effective communications support to succeed in its mission. In addition to directing these new changes across a globally distributed organization, political opposition rose to challenge the entire DEIA premise.  With limited staff working in a period of rapid expansion, USAID sought communications and technical support in a surge capacity.

Agenda worked closely and successfully with historically marginalized populations and supports the goals of DEIA.  At USAID we began by developing the agency’s strategic communications and outreach plan, including real time messaging and digital media activity, and delivered communications products that include speeches, briefing materials, and talking points.  Agenda also drove the development of a marquee publication explaining and celebrating the agency’s DEIA ambitions.

Agenda further supported DEIA efforts across the USAID, functioning as a member of DEIA’s Training, Events, and Outreach division and reported directly to the head of DEIA within the organization. We were proud of our impactful support for an essential program.