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With Russia’s war in Ukraine, increased activity by malign actors in the information environment and growing threats of violent extremism globally, we are less trusting and less secure. Agenda works in the national security space to promote democracy, counter disinformation, and advance freedom and progress. We also work with universities and national laboratories on counter-threat initiatives and ground-breaking technologies to monitor information threats around the world in real time.

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NATO “Allies in America” Public Diplomacy Tour


NATO Framework Contract – 5-Year Award

NATO Trident Juncture 15 Exercises – Portugal

NATO External Communications Audit


NATO – Montenegrin Ascension


NATO Campaign 1 – #WeAreNATO


NATO Campaign 2 – Russian Engagement Research

NATO NIAG Study Group 225, Information Environment Tool Development

NATO IEA Experiment – Trident Juncture 15 Exercises – Norway

NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) – Luxembourg Communications Audit


JFC Naples – Western Balkans Messaging

NATO Campaign 2 Strategy, Tactics, Content, Implementation

Air Force Research Laboratory – NMT OPSEC


NATO IEA Tiger Team

NATO Campaign 2 – Russian Engagement

NATO – German/Russian Diaspora Research

NATO European Digital Media

One NATO Brand Guidelines

NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept Development

SACT Innovation Hub Strategy and Support

SACT Imbedded Communications Leadership

US Air Force Research Laboratory / NMT Technical Support


NATO Framework Contract – 5-Year Re-Award

NATO Innovation Challenges – Canada and Portugal

NATO Target Audience Research

NHQSa Balkans Engagement


NATO HQ Secretary General Annual Report

SACT TIDE Sprint Communications – Poland

NATO Target Audience Research

SACT Innovation Network Strategic Plan

SACT Hybrid Warfare Communications Planning

NATO MDO Communications Planning

Sandia National Laboratories – Collaborative Partnership


NATO Research and Polling – 32 Countries, Q2 & Q4

NATO Target Country Media Deep-Dives