Most firms are experts at selling the “A-Team” but delivering B and C employees to execute the work. This is simply not how Agenda operates. Big or small, our clients have direct access to our founding partners, senior leadership, directors and anyone else you need.

Doug Turner

Founding Partner

For more than 25 years, Doug has provided expert political, strategic, crisis, branding, and communications counsel to Fortune 500 companies, multinational organizations, elected officials, major utilities, energy producers, trade associations, hospitals, agriculture technology companies, and university defense and security research institutes. Doug manages Agenda’s work with NATO and drives many high-level national and international campaigns.

Chris Taylor

(CPA) Chief Operating Officer

Chris is a key leader, senior strategist, and business consultant. Chris knows what makes a company unique. He moves strategy into action to drive companies’ efficiency, profitability, retention, and growth.

Gerges Scott

Senior Vice President, Local, State, and Federal Government Relations

Gerges works with clients to advance their interests and manage relations with regulators, government, media, and the public. His extensive broadcast journalism and media relations experience includes 48 Hours, and the CBS Evening News. Gerges delivers focused client media strategies, crisis communications, stakeholder mapping and engagement, custom media trainings, and deployable advocacy.

Nick Parker

Senior Vice President, International Affairs

Nick brings more than two decades managing complex projects with competing interests and public, private, regulatory, and media scrutiny. Nick supports strategic planning; develops targeted communications plans; drives research, messaging, and branding campaigns; earns top-tier media; prevents and mitigates crises; and navigates political issues for clients that include NATO, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, UN Women, and USAID Digital APEX.

Katie DuBerry

Creative Director

Katie leads Agenda’s design team while walking point on marketing, branding, advertising, production, web, and messaging. Her work defines and builds successful brands; tells stories in new and captivating ways, identifies audiences, and drives a wide range of local, national, and international campaigns.

Emily Kochalka

Vice President, Business Development

Emily leads Agenda’s new business, marketing, and strategic partnerships. She evaluates forecasting, develops and manages professional relationships, and assembles project teams to secure new business and company growth. Her experience includes international strategic communications in Japan and the United States, including the United Nations, and as a private wealth manager with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch in Dallas, Texas.

Adam Turner

Producer & Director

An award-winning filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, and creative director, Adam works across a wide spectrum of media, including long- and short-form narrative, commercial production, animation, talent management, industrial video, podcasts, and radio. Adam has managed location shoots from Hollywood and New York City to remote portions of Eastern Europe. Adam also manages post-production work, including editing, voice-overs, translation services, graphics, and final cut.

Joshua Hernandez

Digital Media Director

Josh is responsible for digital targeting, marketing, and deployment strategies. For more than a decade, Josh has provided communications, marketing, creative, social media, and strategic counsel to political candidates, non-profits, foundations, businesses, government, and multinational organizations. Josh has led social media marketing campaigns, developed high-stakes messaging, success metrics, and media monitoring, and built sustainable connections with stakeholders.

Daniel Sunter

Director, Agenda Serbia

Daniel is the Director of Agenda’s Balkan office and serves as the Executive Director of the Belgrade-based Euro-Atlantic Initiative, which has worked on communication projects and disinformation analysis since 2005. He is also the founder of the Balkan Security Network, a defense portal connecting editors, analysts, and journalists to promote fact-based reporting. Daniel has worked as a consultant for many multinational clients and for the UK Channel 4/PBS documentary film division.

James Thomas Snyder

Vice President, Democracy and Governance

James has 25 years’ experience in international diplomacy and strategic communications working for NATO, the U.S. State Department, and the U.S. Congress. He has led complex opinion leader, public diplomacy, and education campaigns in North America, Europe, and Asia. An accomplished author and editor, James has taught writing for strategic communications at the graduate level and leverages his talents on behalf of many high-profile clients.

Paul Bell

Principal, Agenda Georgia

Paul has provided political and strategic advice at the highest levels of government and business while managing organizations, leading communications campaigns, and navigating crises including armed conflict. A creative strategist, problem-solver, and team-builder, he is culturally adept and builds strong relationships wherever he operates.