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Agenda has over two decades of experience in the energy generation, transmission, and remediation space, including solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, geothermal, and other traditional resources. This includes work with multinational corporations, public and private utilities, private equity, venture capital, and Native American enterprises. Across the energy spectrum, we design and execute mission-critical campaigns that deliver for clients, markets, communities, and investors. We are particularly proud to work with smaller companies, regional businesses, and startups poised to deliver on next-generation demand for performance, reliability, affordability, and sustainability.

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BP America


Ortiz Mines

American Petroleum Institute



National Mining Association


Arizona Potash

New Mexico Gas Company

PNM Resources

Marathon Oil


Babcock & Wilcox


Green Mountain Power


Rio Tinto

TECO Energy

Texas Pipeline Association


Navajo Transitional Energy Company


Xcel Energy


Holtec International


Elk Petroleum


Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Company


State of New Mexico