Delivering technical and communications assistance to activists taking a stand against malign, anti-democratic actors

Cybersecurity assessments, countering disinformation training and open-source intelligence-gathering support civil society in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is a strategically important former Soviet republic at the nexus of ethnic, religious, economic, and political conflict. Unfortunately, it is also controlled by an increasingly autocratic government while under a constant barrage of disinformation and propaganda narratives from the state and abroad.

As a result, even the most developed and experienced civil society and media organizations in Azerbaijan struggle to protect their autonomy, data, and sources. Activists, journalists, and political groups are frequent targets of harassment, malign activity, and cyber-attacks.

Agenda has worked with Digital APEX in several countries facing similar challenges.  In Azerbaijan we worked with IREX to develop a series of cybersecurity assessments for selected civil society beneficiaries – developing and delivering training in cybersecurity, online hygiene, and safe digital behavior to protect their organizational integrity and freedom of operation.  This included tailored cybersecurity assessments, counter-disinformation training workshops, and open-source intelligence-gathering. Results indicate a high level of engagement in programmatic activity leading to additional beneficiary requests for related follow-on capacity-building, training, and strategic communications support.

Civil society in countries like Azerbaijan are a critical bulwark against the creeping threat of government autocracy and authoritarianism spreading around the world.  That is why Agenda and our local team continue to support media and activists who are taking a courageous stand against a broad range of malign, anti democratic actors.