Strengthening institutional capacity to provide support for impoverished and isolated Filipino children

Communications strategy, content, targeted campaigns and in-person engagement programs benefit UNICEF in the Philippines.

For 70 years UNICEF has worked in the Philippines to strengthen government capacity to provide support for impoverished and isolated Filipino children. Recent events, unfortunately, have put even greater strain on the country and UNICEF as they respond to massive storm displacement events, COVID learning loss, and vaccine delivery across the archipelago.

This emergency engagement strained UNICEF’s in-country capabilities and resources which now need to be rebuilt and replenished through urgent public engagement. Because of this, UNICEF has tapped the outside expertise of Agenda to support its mission.

Agenda’s record of coalition building, targeted awareness campaigns and advocacy is built on proven experience with social marketing, audience surveys, communications content, narrative development, and campaign execution.  Under a long-term agreement Agenda is a UNICEF partner in developing strategy, content, online appeals, and in-person engagement programs to benefit the organization.

As the world confronts intensifying threats from natural disaster, disease, poverty, and isolation, organizations like UNICEF are shouldering the growing burden and helping the youngest generation improve their lives.  Agenda is proud to apply our extensive experience in advocacy, public appeal, fundraising, and campaigning to help the most vulnerable.