Senior imbedded StratCom support advances the innovation mission across all of NATO Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation’s operational areas

Focus included International Security, Corporate Communications, Video Production, Defense Innovation, Warfare Development Graphic Design, Stakeholder Management, Content Generation.

NATO’s Supreme Allied Command Transformation (SACT) in Norfolk, Virginia, is the strategic headquarters for Allied warfare development and defense innovation delivering rapidly developed solutions to the warfighter.  As NATO’s only physical presence in North America, however, SACT is always a day behind reaching Allied audiences in Europe.  Demonstrating the command’s delivery of innovation required a dedicated communications strategy and an embedded team.

Agenda has a long, productive history with NATO and the Allies. With contractors on site in Norfolk, we stood up media and communications support services and developed products advancing the SACT’s defense innovation enterprise.  Agenda delivered an official NATO policy document, “Strategy for Innovation Communications,” that prepared the ground moving forward.

We also developed cross platform multimedia communications products that included video and visual content for closed-circuit broadcast and social media, opinion articles, blog copy, and a NATO Innovation Podcast. Agenda also produced a series of external communications products and delivered hundreds of graphics, marketing, and large-scale leadership presentations that were shared across NATO. 

The campaign positioned SACT to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, support decision-makers in Brussels, and prepare for the addition of two new member states. NATO is a pillar of transatlantic security and postwar peace in Europe. It is still growing. Agenda is proud to provide continued support the Alliance at one of the most crucial moments in its history.