Delivering an A-list global profile of the world’s premier commercial space launch facility

More than Virgin Galactic and space tourism, Spaceport America’s trajectory requires an awareness of space start-ups, cutting-edge technology, and beyond.

Spaceport America, the world’s first commercial space launch and recovery facility, has been the stage and set for giant leaps forward in experimental commercial and private suborbital flight and vehicle development. Its tenants and operators include Virgin Galactic, Boeing, SpinLaunch, HyperSciences, EXOS Aerospace, TMD Defense and Space, and White Sands Research and Developers.

But while these companies have drawn public attention for their advanced achievements, Spaceport America itself has not been linked in the public mind to this new and thrilling race to space. During Sir Richard Branson’s high-profile 2021 flight with Virgin Galactic from the facility, Branson – not Spaceport – received all the media attention. Spaceport America sought to recenter itself in this exciting public narrative but lacked the internal capacity.

Agenda’s successful track record with institutional branding and communications designed to boost visibility, name recognition, and reputations of our clients works to change Spaceport America’s trajectory. The mission has been to raise the facility’s global profile as the premier venue for space exploration, innovation, technology, and tourism. Our strategy for Spaceport America includes a traditional and social media action plan, public conferences, and special events promoting the facility in addition to media and crisis communications training for Spaceport officials. Leveraging customer-focused surveys, cross-platform multimedia monitoring for global news coverage, and a full suite of creative services supporting Spaceport social media engagement and digital outreach, Spaceport America is now a regular feature in technology and aerospace reporting.

As the United States seeks to expand its technological advantage over global competitors and more private companies jump into the new space race, Agenda is positioning Spaceport America to be the premier facility for commercial space exploration.