Fact-based Balkan campaign boosts NATO awareness among young audiences

Leveraging neutral communications platforms and civil society engagement to compete in a contested regional information environment.

NATO is committed to stability, security, and Euro Atlantic integration in the Western Balkans as the best way forward for countries of the former Yugoslavia. That commitment includes NATO’s Headquarters in Sarajevo which is working to reform the regional security sector. Unfortunately, geopolitical adversaries and malign actors are trying to push Bosnia out of NATO’s orbit, destabilize the country, and assert regional influence.

Agenda has a trusted track record with NATO, in the Balkans, and across adversarial information environments.  Agenda’s Sigurnost Balkana (Security of the Balkans) campaign developed in conjunction with our regional partners, the Balkan Security Network, leveraged neutral communications platforms and conducted stakeholder and civil society engagement to fill the region’s complex and contested information space with legitimate and accurate narratives.

The fact-based campaign was designed to boost understanding of NATO among young Bosnians, including local, regional, and global perspectives as presented by authentic local and regional voices. Our approach included hybrid roundtables, conferences and trainings in Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Mostar, Bihac, Bijeljina, and Banja Luka.

Sigurnost Balkana achieved significant non-promoted performance across social media platforms. Earned media stories were successfully placed across the country. Russian-language media independently picked up these stories, translated them, and promoted them across their own platforms. The campaign reached young people across all ethnicities inside and outside Bosnia and measurably raised public awareness and changed perceptions.

With war in Ukraine, Russia’s threat across its “sphere of influence,” and Western Balkan countries divided and vulnerable, NATO’s position in Bosnia remains vital to regional peace and security. Agenda is committed to supporting the Alliance and its headquarters in Sarajevo to make the best case possible for its mission in Bosnia and beyond.